What It Is Like To Speak At A TEDx Event

What It Is Like To Speak At A TEDx Event

I had the pleasure of being a speaker most recently at the TEDxCollingwood event. It was a memorable day! I am so proud to say that Sarah Potter trader, is now a TEDx speaker. While you can see some photos of the rehearsal and event, throughout, this event has fueled my passion to continue to be a disruptor in this industry that needs a change in the narrative for average people.  My hope is that conversation will continue. As with any keynote speaking event, my hope is that the audience will be entertained and be able to pause of perspective, to relate and carry on the conversation. With this subject matter in particular, there is a lot of emotion connected to this topic, and hence why the topic of money can be very scary for some. We all work so hard for our money, it is important to have a better understanding of what to do with money if you want to grow your wealth. The typical portrays of ‘money making’ aren’t really what it is like. It’s time we broke down the barriers and stereotypes so that when you hear the word money making you think beyond ‘financial institutions’ and ‘scamy get rich quick schemes’. Every person should know more about money.

Sarah Potter’s TEDx Talk

My TEDx talk was focused on the skills that are necessary to help empower others to understand what it is really like to make money in the market. The reality of trading any financial product, whether it be stocks, options, or futures, is very far from the realities of what it is really like to trade for yourself. The typical depictions of investing perpetuate the stigma that investing is high risk, emotional and only meant for those who already wealthy. Too often, investors focus on trying to make, ‘all or nothing’ as opposed to realising that you can focus on setting realistic and achievable goals. While the time you have to spend, and the skills you know will affect the outcomes you can achieve from the market, learning the skill sets required should be available to everyone.

What Can You Do

The first step is to start talking about it, but really talking about making money skills. The traditional narrative of ‘save your money’ only speaks to half of the money equation. While it is helpful to focus on preserving the wealth that you have, it might also be worthwhile to learn skills to grow some of the money you have worked so hard for

Sarah Potter Reminds You That Money Making is a Skill

Here is the thing, so many of us are never taught what to do with our money once we have saved it. I mean really…has the financial literacy skills that you learned in school helped you to get you where you want to go? Do you know what to do with your money? Or do you hand it over to someone else and hope that they can do it for you? I’m surprised that even with the latest financial literacy curriculum, we aren’t empowering our children with the tools they need to build their own money making skills. We talk about saving, we talk about spending less….but where is the education about how to grow your wealth? And why do most people feel that good money management means giving your money to someone else to manage?

Lets Change this

Its it time that our children feel empowered to learn the skills they need to learn about money making. I want my children to have a better foundation of knowledge so that they can ask better questions when a financial institution invests money for them, or (hopefully) they can invest their own money. I want them to have the skills to know how to build their own wealth. I don’t want them to feel scared of making money, but rather feel that making money is as mundane as doing the dishes. I hope they are on their handheld devices trading just as often as most people are on Facebook.

What about you? what do you want for your children when it comes to money making skills?

Sarah Potter Trader and owner of the live options trading room at shecantrade.com and is the author of the book, How You Can Trade Like A Pro: Breaking into options, futures, stocks and ETF’s.