What a Typical Day Looks Like When You Work for Yourself

What a Typical Day Looks Like When You Work for Yourself

What a typical day looks like when you work for yourself and trade options for a living (with babies in tow)

When I left the corporate world in search of more freedom, flexibility and the ability to follow my dreams of financial independence, I never realised I would love it this much. My days of commuting, watercooler work drama, and endless meetings without efficient outcomes are just a distant memory now. It has been a few years since I started out on my own, and while there are days when I think about how I enjoyed shopping for new work clothes, or (my favourite) formal coats, these minor (and expensive) pro’s of working in the corporate world seem to be the only positive things I miss. Today, most days are now filled with very early mornings (thanks for my 3.5 year old and 1 year old), multitasking on my handheld device, trading and discussing business ideas with my husband while standing over the kitchen island (and hopefully with an americano in hand) which often becomes the boardroom. My commute is as short as a walk up one flight of stairs or down another depending on what project I’m working on. The only experience I have in terms of traffic jams is waiting for my automatic espresso machine to make my husbands latte ahead of my americano.

It all sounds great, and to be honest, I am very humbled to be able to be here at this moment but I would be hard pressed not to mention that my days are very busy and filled with many juggling moments. With two young kids and a successful business to run, very busy is an understatement. The term multitasking is at a whole new level here, and while I do think I am good at multitasking, there are days that sometimes even I don’t know how I will get it all done.

Owning my own business has many perks, but what it doesn’t have is the ability to have a ‘down day’ or a day when I can just take it easy. Since I feel that I have so many people relying on me, I feel the pressure to stay ‘on’ all of the time. Even while I travel to give a speech, or do a book signing across North America, I will still usually manage to enter some trades, text trade alerts out to members, and run the trading room. I haven’t really had a day ‘off’ since beginning Shecantrade. I do try and take a three day weekend every week and choose not to run the trading room Mondays so that I can have some dedicated time to enjoy my family which is an enormous perk I have worked so hard for.

I usually start my day around 6am by checking my inbox and sifting through what can be hundreds of emails every day. While I usually don’t respond to emails until later that evening, I do want to take a quick look to figure out how much time I will need to allocate for this later in the day. Since I trade, I will also begin to look at news headlines from the night before to see if there might be anything, especially with geopolitical issues of late, that may more the market that day. Once 6:30am starts I am in full ‘mommy’ mode. I spend time with the girls and get them ready for their day. I try to put the cell phone down and focus on their needs (sometimes my cell phone is a hot commodity and duals as the vehicle to watch Disney Junior clips). In all honesty (love it or hate me…) I let my eldest watch a couple of television shows so that I can prioritize/work on projects and tasks for that day before she goes to school. On days when my eldest daughter goes to school is usually when I am most efficient and will schedule meetings with clients along with trading of course or at least once a week I get outside for a hike once the markets have opened by 9:30. When both girls are at home it is a hand off of children that goes back and forth between me, my husband and babysitters.

Trading is just a way of life around here and trading talk is common conversation amongst my husband and kids (my daughter refers to Chipotle as its stock symbol CMG as an example). Since both girls were born I have always preferred to have them with me while I look at the markets and trade. I’m not sure why this is, but it is in having them closest is what I am most proud. I don’t want them to be scared of the market and options trading so I hope that hearing the discussion of the trading room will make them even better traders than I am when they get older. I love that the girls are around while I work, and that they are being exposed to knowledge of financial literacy at a young age.

Prior to children I used to run 5-10kms every day, running these days is just a memory now, and while I wish I had time to get outside for a run more often (yes, I hear you personal trainer who is telling me that there is always time…but seriously) I just don’t have the time right now. I usually settle for carrying my youngest around in the Ergo baby carrier (which is a life saver…I can’t imagine getting half of the things I do during the day without this carrier).

My morning trading room session ends at noon ET, which gives me time for lunch and then usually back to coaching with members, options trading course content writing, writing articles, or producing videos about the markets. I also try to spend some quality devoted time with my youngest at some point before trading resumes by 2pm EST. I can’t believe how quickly the two girls are growing up and I do try to carve out small special moments to enjoy just being with them.

I would be remiss not to mention that there are days that don’t go as smoothly. As some of the members of Shecantrade.com can attest, there are days when they will hear my youngest sitting on my lap while I trade, or my eldest daughter wanting more markers as she colors behind me while I speak at a webinar or session in the live trading room.

After dinner and kids are both asleep is when the bulk of my work begins. The evenings are when I have time to answer emails and work on any projects at the time. I have had the privilege to be involved in writing education material for some very large institutions of which I am proud to be disruptor the DIY investing community. Most of the writing work happens at night because this is about the only time it is quiet.

My energy to do all of this work comes from my desire to help people and to break down the barriers that exist in a very traditional industry with very little information for retail investors. I wrote my book, How You Can Trade Like A Pro, consult for brokers/exchanges/banks and run my website because I want to help make a difference in people’s lives. I want to help every person who wants to learn to invest for themselves feel like they can build the skills to do it.

Is it hard to get through the days with work and kids? YES!! But I love it (albeit I am tired but what new mother isn’t?)