How To Be Heard on Social Media

How To Be Heard on Social Media

You have that spark of inspiration and the fire of motivation. Now you’re just looking for that blaze of recognition that will bring consumers to your door. That’s where the magic of social media can come in. Whether you’re a working mom, an entrepreneurial newbie or a seasoned entrepreneur, there are tricks of the trade that can bump your business venture to the next level. 

Let’s take a look at 5 tips to help you best be heard on social media.

Be Authentic

Oftentimes, we receive messages telling us that it’s not okay to be our authentic selves. We may be told that certain aspects aren’t good enough or that they "don’t belong in the business world." 

The irony is, when you show your authentic self, it gives your customers permission to show their authentic selves. When you tap into that spark of realness, you become a human being first and business professional second.  

If you’ve reached a point where authenticity feels unnatural in the business setting, women business coaching is an option to help you reconnect with that genuine part of yourself.

Don’t Pay For Advertising

Ads typically aren’t worth the money they demand of you. Not only that, but think for a moment about how you feel when ads are running through your Facebook account. Many people get so annoyed by the constant flow of ads that they ignore most of them. This leaves a high likelihood that your ad will be one of them.  

A more efficient use of marketing and networking funds includes:

  • Grassroots campaigns
  • Using curation software to help you collect articles and social media posts that your readers are most interested in
  • Sharing inspirational messages and reaching people on a human level

Share Visuals

Even if people are so busy they don’t think they have the time to read what you have to offer, visuals will likely catch their eye. You can use visuals to your advantage by understanding how different colors, scenery and facial expressions affect your readers.

Both professional and personal pictures can be appropriate, depending on your target audience. For the working mom selling a new line of children’s clothes, share photos of your children modeling them. For the avid skier promoting a new safety device, share pics of you and your friends skiing.  

Connect With Your Readers

Connection is a basic human need. We all want to feel like someone understands us and can relate to our struggles and joys.

If you’re a working mom, don’t shy away from sharing pictures of family. They are part of who you are. And they offer a common connection with your audience. Human connection helps the reader see you as a human being.

Have an Opinion

Many people struggle with understanding what an opinion is. Let’s define what it is and isn’t.

An opinion:

  • Is a person’s personal truth 
  • Demonstrates respect for another person’s point of view, just as you desire respect for your view
  • Is a person’s unique perspective on a situation based on past experiences

An opinion: 

  • Is not a judgment
  • Does not seek to make another person/situation/action wrong in order to gain validity
  • Is not inflammatory or attacking

Don’t be afraid to have your opinion. If you go by the guidelines set forth above, you can communicate an empowered opinion without eliciting condemnation. Don’t forget: what you give out, comes back to you. If you respect others’ opinions, yours will inspire respect, as well. 

Empowering You

Your spark of inspiration is important throughout the entrepreneurial process, and Sarah Potter knows what it’s like for a working mom trying to maintain that spark in the business world. 

As an author, trader, mother, teacher and entrepreneur, Sarah Potter embraces her role in empowering others through women business coaching and moral support. If you’re ready to find guidance from someone who’s been there, check out Sarah Potter today!