3 Ways to Keep Your Hustle as You Build Your Business

3 Ways to Keep Your Hustle as You Build Your Business

You’ve done all the "right" things on your entrepreneur journey. You have a clear vision. You’ve taken the right steps. You’ve made some great contacts. And you may even be open to receiving women business coaching to give you a leg up.

But it can still be challenging at times for us as women in business. Whether you have an online business, you’re a trader, a woman looking to even the playing field or a working mom, it’s important to have helpful ways to renew your energies as you navigate the business arena. 

Let’s explore 3 ways you can keep your hustle as you build your business.


Historically, women have been the nurturers. Women have a wonderful ability to support others through the hard times and to play various roles for many different people. 

Now, this is a great asset as long as the nurturing begins with ourselves. Not only do we deserve nurturing and self-care, but as women in business, we require them. 

Contrary to popular belief, self-care is never selfish. After all, what do they tell us on an airplane? "Please put on your oxygen mask first, and then help your child."

A few ways you can nurture yourself as you build your own business include:

  • Focusing on your strengths and successes
  • Periodically journaling about how far you’ve come as an entrepreneur
  • Knowing your limits and enforcing your boundaries with business partners, spouses, children
  • Getting adequate sleep, exercising and eating well
  • Getting a massage or any other physically relaxing service
  • Listening to your body when it speaks to you

There are many different ways to maintain self-care. It can be as individual as the the person herself. Know what you need and meet your own needs. Don’t wait for anyone else to meet them for you. And don’t put it off, or your body may force you to take notice by becoming sick. 

Strong Support Network

A crucial part of the entrepreneurial journey is to surround yourself with people who inspire you, who encourage you, who make you feel like you can do anything. Anything. 

A strong support network can begin with your spouse, children, siblings and other family and extend to your business partners, friends and mentors. As the old saying goes, "no [one] is an island." Ask for help or guidance when you need it, and keep your support network close to you throughout your entrepreneur journey.   

Your Spark

Reminding yourself of why you began this venture in the first place can reignite your spark of passion and bring you back to a place of renewed enthusiasm. Your spark is your vision, your goals, your dream. It’s your purpose, your drive, your destiny. 

Never lose sight of your spark. It can light the way in the darkest of alleyways. 

Empowerment For Your Journey

If you’re looking for a kind knowing word, a listening ear and a whole lot of wisdom for women in business, check out Sarah Potter. As a working mom, a savvy business woman and an empathic person, Sarah Potter offers a world of knowledge and support for the entrepreneur.