My story starts the same as many of yours, I worked full time and lived a traditional 9-5 life. I wanted to learn about the markets but I thought investing was too confusing. As I completed my Masters of Education, I began to apply what I was learning about ‘how to learn’ with my then hobby of trading for myself. As I figured out how to make money in the markets, I quit my job and began sharing information about ‘making money’ skills. After publishing my book How You Can Trade Like A Pro and launching SheCanTrade.com, I became known as a retail trading expert. I have had many opportunities to speak with financial institutions and media outlets about how we can improve the information about the markets for average investors. Sarahpotter.com is here to help demystify DIY investing and help you be better educated about the money making side of financial literacy.

As a keynote speaker, or collaborator with outlets like Forbes.com, Scotia iTrade, Tradestation, Active Trader Magazine, Yahoo Finance, and many more has allowed me to gain insights in to the financial industry. These collaborations have given me a voice to disrupt, to provide clarity and to empower you to expect more from the representatives of the financial and education institutions, to change the conversations about a skill that is essential for all of us, to really begin to understand skills of money.

As you make your way through this website, you will find us talking about making money skills differently. My goal is to break down the barriers to critical pieces of financial language, concepts and skills so that you can grow your investing and finance knowledge base.

I am the multitasking working mom. I try, I dream, and I hope to leave a positive mark in the world. I am constantly stretching to further my life and my children’s, and I believe financial literacy is the vehicle to get there.

Anything is possible if you have the opportunity to learn, the courage to try, and the dedication to grow.

My background in education has allowed me to create digestible content that really works. I formed SheCanTrade.com in 2013 to disrupt the trading industry and teach interested individuals how to invest and trade. As this business grew I realised that there was also a huge need to help average people learn a little more about investing in a tangible, and simple way. Let’s change the financial narrative together so that we and our children can finally learn the financial literacy skills they need.