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Author. Trader. Teacher. Entrepreneur.

After writing How You Can Trade Like A Pro: Breaking Into Stocks, Options, Futures and Etf’s and launching SheCanTrade, a website about options trading, Sarah Potter became recognized as an expert in the financial industry.

Along the journey of helping options traders, I have also met hundreds of thousands of people who are interested in learning more about making money, but find the markets and investing confusing.

This website is committed to providing tools and lessons to help demystify the skills surrounding ‘making money’ and the markets for you.

We all deserve access to information to Live Like Pros.

“When I watch Sarah, I see tremendous drive and work ethic, huge amounts of natural intelligence, an empathic ability to connect with people, generosity and fair play, charisma, loyalty, unbelievable courage, as well as a persona which is attractive to others and, hence, allows her gifts to be recognized, respected and listened-to.”

– Jim N

Opportunity surrounds you every day, it’s whether or not you take action that determines where life will lead you. My mission as a teacher, trader, and mentor is to activate the spark within you so you can grab these opportunities and shift your life. I am here to get people inspired, thinking, and pursuing their financial goals.


The tools and skills that I’ve learned throughout my journey in the market are ones that I feel passionate about sharing. The work that I have put in, is for you to adapt and implement in your life to fit your time commitment, goals, and lifestyle. I believe that anyone can do this, but it is a skill that is rarely taught, isn’t talked about, explained well enough, or shared. It’s time to change the narrative when it comes to the skills of making money.

Now is the time that you feel empowered and energized. As long as you have the desire to learn and grow, I am here to provide you with the tools and resources you need to do so.


What you’ll find on this website is an amalgamation of reflections, definitions, concepts, and processes, that has helped thousands of individual investors to finally find clarity when it comes to understanding this highly charged, and misunderstood word: Money.

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